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Industrial Sewing Equipment / Automatic sewing machines AURORA / AAS-1500-1050 Programmable automatic sewing machine for stitching large blanks

AAS-1500-1050 Programmable automatic sewing machine for stitching large blanks


The automatic sewing machine is used for sewing jackets, furniture and car covers. The control panel allows you to control sewing parameters: sewing pattern, number of stitches, stitch length. The machine is equipped with a powerful servo drive and high-precision clamp positioning system. Designed to perform stitches along a given contour in the sewing area of  1500x1050 mm. On request it is completed with a standard or enlarged hook, as well as with a needle kit for light or heavy materials.


Additional options: Laser cutting (power 100 W, speed - 75 meters per minute).




  • Country of origin: Russia
  • Number of needles - 1
  • Sewing speed 3200 rpm
  • Sewing area 1500x1050mm
  • DBx1 needle for thin materials, DPx5 for thick materials
  • Enlarged hook for heavy materials, standard hook for lightweight materials
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Portable control panel      


  • 999 built-in sewing patterns editable on a computer.
  • High quality stitching thanks to a powerful drive and high precision clamp positioner.
  • Automatic lubrication ensures uninterrupted operation of the machine during the shift.
  • Wide range of use.

Country of Origin: Россия

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