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Industrial Sewing Equipment / Sewing machines / Machines for heavy and extra heavy materials / Aurora A-0818 Lockstitich sewing machine with unison feed

Aurora A-0818 Lockstitich sewing machine with unison feed

Vendor code: 244131/233722
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Single-needle double-thread lockstitch machine with triple (unison) advancement and enlarged hook. Designed for sewing heavy and multilayered materials in the manufacture of awnings, covers, bags and sheepskin coats.



  • Automatic lubrication.
  • The machine uses a hook with an increased bobbin volume, which reduces frequency of bobbin replacement.
  • Reliable feed is ensured by two material movers operating synchronously - the feed dog and the walking foot. The needle for the entire time of filing does not come out of the material, and its horizontal speed is equal to the feed rate of the material along the entire length of the stitch, which ensures execution of a high-quality seam without setting layers relative to each other.
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