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AURORA ST-360A (3.5 m) Automatic end cutter

Vendor code: 285735
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Automatic end cutter with a disk knife, complete with end clamping ruler and roll unwinder. Designed for cutting fabric in stock. The disk knife automatically movesalong the length of the ruler. Equipped with sharpening system.


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  • The length of the cutting and clamping rulers - 3500 mm
  • Cutting width - 3200 mm
  • Maximum stock height - 210 mm
  • Knife speed - 12,000 rpm
  • Diameter of the disk of the knife - 108 mm
  • Motor power - 180 W
  • Voltage - 220 V



  • Greatly facilitates manual laying and cutting and guarantees increased productivity. Simple and easy to use thanks to a proven system of guides and clamps.
  • Can be mounted on any table.
  • The knife of the cutting ruler is manufactured from high quality steel.
  • Perfect edge quality.
  • Large service life  
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