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Aurora / About us

About us

About us

There was a time when sewing was a necessity and sewing skills were passed on from generation to generation. Everywhere women sewed clothes and numerous home accessories with their own hands by means of a thread and a needle. Today, sewing is rather a way to express oneself, to highlight one’s individuality.

The "Aurora" brand was created with the aim to give everyone pleasure and comfort when working with sewing equipment and accessories. TM "Aurora" is the result of many years of experience and success of the Russian company “Knit” - a leading player in the market of sewing equipment.

The history of the "Aurora" brand began in 2005 and the first product released under this brand was scissors, because the success of the finished product, first of all, depends on accurate, easy and fast cut. Having felt trust and recognition among seamstresses, designers and tailors, the manufacturer TM "Aurora" has set a course for an integrated approach to the needs of the market.

Today, under the "Aurora" brand, a wide range of sewing machines and household overlocks, as well as products for sewing, patchwork and machine embroidery products are produced. In addition, in the assortment, there is widely presented industrial sewing, embroidery and cutting equipment.

Mission of the “Aurora” trade mark

Provide everyone the opportunity to create according to own design.


The main identifier of the brand and the main element of the "Aurora" corporate style is the "Aurora" logo. The logo consists of the original spelling of the name and the “Create your own design” descriptor.

The crimson color of the logo is associated with something bright, joyful and light. Such a shade is chosen by creative and artistic individuals.

Another attribute of the “Aurora” brand is the Quality Mark.




We have a rich experience and a team of professionals who are passionate about their work.


Products of the “Aurora” manufacturer are available thanks to the strategy of average prices and a developed dealer network throughout the country.


For us, there are no compromises on quality, since our overall success depends on it.


Here you will find comprehensive solutions for the organization of the workplace of any category of complexity.

Production sites 

We carefully approach to the choice of production sites for our brand.

 Aurora Strategy

We implement the strategy of an integrated approach in the production of sewing and embroidery equipment and accessories and offer the widest range of equipment for implementing the creative potential of both professionals and beginners.

We care what people think about us, so we create the most comfortable conditions for cooperation

• Timely service

• Information and technical support

• Smoothly running logistics

• Marketing support in brand promotion

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